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It is important that the propagation and growth of plants and their subsequent post-harvest treatment is on a sound economic basis. Contamination by micro-organisms during all these stages results in financial loss due to diminished quantities and quality of produce, spoilage, loss of man-hours etc.

Micro-organisms may attack plants at all stages from seed to market. The later during the chain of production, the greater the financial loss. It is therefore important to take precautions to diminish infection at all stages. Plants are often grown In warm humid conditions in which micro-organisms readily multiply. Their growth phase is a logarithmic pattern,that is to say, they double their numbers in each fixed unit of time.
Taharsept for Post Harvest  Taharsept
The coliform bacteria Erwinia which attacks fruits, vegetables and cuttings will double its numbers every 20 minutes. Contaminating micro-organisms are varied and include not only bacteria, but  also moulds and viruses. The disinfectant chosen must therefore be effective against all these forms of pathogens (disease causing organisms).

The sources of contamination are equally varied, and range from cross-infection within a growing area such as algal infection from cooling mats, to post-harvest spoilage transmitted by containers and machinery. It has been estimated that 25% of all fruit and vegetables are spoiled before consumption. Freshly picked vegetables have on their surface both normal flora and also those from  soil and water and possibly other plant pathogens. Washing is not sufficient, and untreated re-used water may only add to the problem. Bins, conveyor belts, sorters' hands, refrigeration units are further sources, and if not decontaminated regularly will promote the spread of the contaminating organisms.

CONCEPT's Disinfecting Tablets are a new generation of Chlorine antiseptic enabling a concentrated attack to be made on all aspects of possible contamination. The solutions produced from Concept's tablets may be used safely both on living plant material without fear of damage or toxicity, and are equally effective on containers, equipment and surfaces which come into contact with agricultural produce. One antiseptic for all needs, allowing a systematic approach to reduce existing infection, and to prevent their re-occurrence, thus improving yields. The nitrogen rich structure of the Troclosene molecule is particularly suitable for spraying and for the treatment of water for plants, showing beneficial effects. The product is completely biodegradable.

Concept's Disinfecting Tablets are particularly easy to use and they save on storage space.One tablet is added to the quantity of water indicated in the table, and allowed to dissolve completely.The dilution tables are guides - obviously surfaces heavily contaminated with organic dirt might need a higher concentration or contact time.
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