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HydroSeed ™  is a long-lasting, easy-to-use, water-absorbing

soil additive. It was specially designed to reduce frequent irrigation

and water waste in gardens, houseplants, and landscaping. HydroSeed  water-holding capacity offers a stable growing environment which allows for faster and healthier plant growth and ultimately leads to reduction in plant mortality.

HydroSeed  unique absorbing characteristic allows each granule to expand and absorb up to 500 times its weight in water, depending on the quality of water. Then by acting as a reservoir of water, HydroSeed  allows for 95-99% of the water stored to be available for the plants roots to draw upon as needed, thus ensuring stable conditions for healthy plant growth. (The pressure gradient exerted by a plant’s root system is quite sufficient to withdraw its water.)

Unlike most substances that hydrate HydroSeed  hydration is fully reversible once all the water is withdrawn, the particle can return to its original size, ready to be filled again. HydroSeed  can be filled and emptied many times. In undisturbed conditions HydroSeed  usually lasts 4-7 years in the soil as it begins losing its efficiency in the range of 7-10% per year.

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